Reggae Falls Jamaica

         Many people are nationals of jamaica and yet half of the population has never gotten the chance to explore the beautiful island, where we often see foreigners coming in to explore. Well, I am here to tell you a little secret I found out about how to explore the small island of jamaica both for locals and foreigners. Many attractions are said to be in the tourist section of the island where it can be rather expensive some you even need to pay to visit. How about traveling to a hidden paradise that is both safe, beautiful and much more affordable, sounds great right? Because it is let me say that the journey is a bit lengthy and the roads aren't the best but is worth the drive. I am from the country's capital called Kingston, I have been touring my island for a while now. I have been to so many hidden spots around the island spots that are said to be tourist attractions but aren't so popular and has not been upgraded. I  have gained…